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Alexei Borisov – interview, live moments, new sound works

Whenever Alexei visits Berlin we have the honor to welcome him at the Radio On studio. Alexei lived in two countries, but didn’t have to travel to do so. Born and raised in Moscow in the Soviet Union, he became a citizen of the Russian Federation at the end of last century. That’s a lot of history. Alexei talks about revolutions, every day life, travelling in the Soviet Union, how Moscow changed over the years, his experiences as a musician and underground artist. New works are played. Testcard, Rinus Van…

Dai Coelacanth – Pure Country Magic

“Are you just going round and round. There are better ways to travel. The captain struggled with his boots they were never happy. Ironic. As a boy they called him ‘lucky feet’. She was singing in town. Had a nice set of irregular talons. Nearly tore my face off. I had to stop the flow of blood with dirty leaves. Made me look like a tree creature. People pushed coins into my pocket. They didn’t think I would notice. I’m allergic to metal. It makes me sprout. March is a…

Rádio Nuda, from Praha

Post-Cage radio show, and ruled by Romano Krzych / O Reche Modo Rádio Nuda restores the extraordinary and almost sickly musical bloom of our time to what it is: a sound of the world. Rádio Nuda works against collections, catalogs, fetishism – against the devils of the commodity. Playlist available on request only. Collusion of tastes and styles, abolition of hierarchies, sound-collages, folding, happy brothel, improvisations and sometimes live shows from Praha Pusu You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label? Learn how to submit….

Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Semiotics

This is fun. Lord Litter applies the early ideology of the internet and creates a hypertext. The playlist below is a disguise for a magazine, such one as only the internet can produce, with sounds, images and words. Hypertext? Umberto Eco! “So how do I make sense of the mess? I try to learn some basic labels. But there are problems here too: if I click on a URL that ends with I think, Ah – this must have something to do with the University of Indiana. Like hell…

The Scratched Vinyl Show #12 – ‘I remember his tail and more tales …’

Adrian Shephard, one of the founding fathers of Radio On, lives not far from a flea market. With first sunny days to hit Berlin, the sellers come out again and set up their stalls. This is the sign that springtime has arrived, but it is also the moment that the scratched vinyl show awakes from its hibernation. Adrian returns from the market with a bag full of old records. And as Mussorgsky used to say, every record tells a story. This is what the scratched vinyl show is all about….

Dai Coelacanth – Crude Crayfish vs Cosmic Scorpion

Dai Coelacanth tells stories. You can’t tell where he is. The television signal is distorted. No telescope can find him. He lives on a distorted tape. He is one of the dust particles. He lives on the streets of Bangkok. He is friends with a woman called Suzy. She feeds him spiders. You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label? Learn how to submit. * Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days The most modest fundraising campaign you can imagine

Juan Angel Italiano – Sounds from Uruguay

Juan Angel Italiano lives in Maldonado, Uruguay. Seen from Berlin it is at the other side of the world. The world has many centers. One of those centers could be a simple spool. As Juan Angel puts it: Open reel spools, bought at a street garage sale. Sounds dirty, interspersed. Sermons and locutions of evangelist pastors, tango music, radial advertising. As Discépolo recited in Cambalache: “the Bible next to the heater. You are tuning channel 246, frequency modulated in stereo, Montevideo, Uruguay. There is also a handwritten date that says…