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1.November – Shephard and Van Alebeek with Guest! Daphne Owers on Restriction Restraint Rebirth Festival in Berlin

Daphne Owers is one of the organizers of the upcoming festival Restriction Restraint Rebirth to be held on 21-24 November on various locations in Berlin. Have a look at the festival poster Or have a look at the website to find out the possible topics of tonight’s show radio transmission is live from the Oranien studio in Berlin Kreuzberg 22:00-24:00 Berlin Time

22.October – Siberia for the whole Happy Family

We had a horrible show last week. This evening it will be about happiness. We are experiencing a rare occurrence of an almost-late-summer in mid-October. In inner Siberia, it’s always -45 °C. And in this show. Cesip Xynic and Ad Izrailevich (rus. Ад Израилевич) Lokshin will discuss happiness. Siberia for the Whole Family will be broadcasted on 22.Oktober 20:00-21:00 Berlin time and on 23.Oktober 03:00-04:00 Irkutsk Time 

22. October 13:00 . Cozmic onion lunch time radio

Hello, it’s Time for Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio vol.5 ! This week, I invite illustrator/2D animation performer SHOXXX a.k.a. Shou. She is a good Japanese friend of mine in Berlin. Her 2d DIY performance is the one of my most favorite performance in Berlin. I guess we will talk in 87% Japanese, 2% English,11% German SHOXXX a.k.a. Shou born in Hiroshima, one of 7 Japanese cities she has lived in. Since 2001 she has been working as graphic designer and illustrator. In 2005 she moved to Berlin, Germany. Here…

15.October, Live Show!- Siberia for the Whole Family

Where should Alexandre Gandon, your faithful radio host, emigrate to, now that he has missed his plane? What does a children’s TV show from times immemorial have to do with protests in Moscow? When did Vladimir Sorokin turn into a living Dostoyevsky? And, good ol’ TED talk tradition, what does all of this mean? All of the above and more tonight on Siberia for the Whole Family Siberia for the Whole Family airs tonight 15.October at 20:00-21:00 Berlin Time and 16.October at 03:00-04:00 Irkutsk Time

16.October Live Show! The Bedlam Chamber by Julian Percy with guest Marc Passarotto

Julian Davis Percy broadcasts directly from Berlin’s avant centre NK. This weeks guest Mario Passarotto will present his exhibition ES HÄNGT EIN PFERDEHALFTER AN DER WAND (WHAT IS LOVE). Mario has been collecting all the number one hits of the German Hitparade ever since the Kilima Hawaiians were the first to reach that position in the German charts. The Bedlam Chamber airs Wednesday 15.October 20.00-22.00 Berlin Time  08.00-10.00 Honolulu Time

15.October – Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio vol.4 with Laura Aragoneses aka Ondula

Taishi Nagasaki present his lunch time radio live from his kitchen. The food is prepared, the guest has arrived, and now they eat and talk. He might talk about Berlin Super Markets and Tomato Ketchap, and also about music, But probabably not. Guest LAURA ARAGONESES picture by Aina Climent   “Laura Aragoneses is a sound and record collector based in Berlin. She is part of the Sucked Orange Refuge.  For a long time radio has been the media for her sound experimentations. In Berlin she has made several sonic works and installations….

Jason Honea talks with John Murphy and Gaby Bila Günther

Former Californian wild boy and singer of the legendary punk band Social Unrest, since long an American in Berlin, Jason Honea is seen as the town’s best crooner. He has amazed the Radio On directors time and time again with his ecclecticism and incredible knowledge of obscure pop music. “Jason Honea doesn’t play music, he re-writes modern history through his collection of songs; each one of them exposes the hopes and fears of a disappearing generation.” – The San Francisco Vanguard Now he is here with us. His first show…

Tuesday 8.October – Cosmic Onion Lunch Time Show with Guest Kakawaka.

Taishi Nagasaka presents a lunch time show directly from his kitchen. He will prepare lunch for his guest and himself and eat it as well. Will he reveal the recipe this time, or tell us even what’s on the menu? His guest Kakawaka is known for his shopping cart hi-jack actions. But he also carries a very big spoon! And he speaks Japanese as well. Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio broadcasts live EVERY TUESDAYS from 13:00-14:00/DE, 12:00-13:00/UK, 20:00-21:00/JP.

Last week circling over Venice and Paris, now on air with Radio On: Stockhausen’s Helicopter String Quartet

The Arditti Quartet on Friday 4. October in Venice and The Elysian Quartet on Saturday 5.October in Paris, performed Stockhausen’s Helicopter Streichquartet. Each of the quartetteers sat and played in his/her own helicopter. Our reporter Harold Schellinx was on the Pont Neuf to capture the sounds.. ..and to tell the story. Harold.FieldReporting Listen to what went wrong and what went well in a one hour Radio Show. Helicopter Streichquartet, the phornographic version by Harold Schellinx will be broadcasted almost every day. Check our schedule for the exact time.