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Remembering John Murphy by Julian Percy, Jon Evans and Nikolas Schreck

On this picture you see Jon Evans and Julian Percy seated at the table and John Murphy standing, looking into the space behind the opening of the door. This is not somewhere near heaven. It is the Radio On studio in the year 2015. John Russell Murphy (11 July 1959 – 11 October 2015) Playlist: NEWS – chop chop chop Hymn of the satanic empire (cover) Associates – nude spoons (peel session) Whirlywirld – sextronics Shinning Vril – schmerz (cover) Louis Tillett – children of the cave Naevus – meat on meat…

The Bedlam Chamber (Rixville Edition) by Julian Percy and Jon Evans

Julian Percy and Jon Evans are Australian expats living in Berlin since a long time. In the new edition of The Bedlam Chamber they play music as if they’d wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a loud dirty bar somewhere in the backlands of their continent. No playlist, hardly any announcements, just the pleasure to energise with music, and make an evening pass in the bests of moods. For broadcast hours please check our schedule The time indications are BerlinTime World time