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Radio On Speechless

One July evening, just before the heatwave landed on Berlin like a big invisible space ship, Shephard and Van Alebeek embarked on a two hour sonic journey. Acting as Radio Staalplaat, sending their waves to the world through, internet radio from Amsterdam, the duo tried to stop the total meltdown. The studio turned red, temperature went up. They twisted knobs and spoke with plants. Nothing helped. They went somewhere. At the end they were back in the studio, a point of no return.   You want to submit your…

31.May 2018 at 21.00 Berlin Time – The Nikolas Schreck Show with the author Simon Wells

A new show by Nikolas Schreck, best to be described and announced in his own words. One side note on Simon Wells. It is not this Simon, that Nikolas has talked to, though it might have been interesting to hear Schreck on Schrek. The author Simon Wells, who you will hear in the interview, is hard to find. His books, however, are one click away. Word to Nikolas, “Tune in, Turn on and Drop Out to The Nikolas Schreck Show as we take you on a time travel trip to swinging…

Radio On Unknown – Barbara Lazara interviews Adrian Shephard

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. – Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio Ever since the Shakespeare quote became part of a national heritage, the Brits seem to have spend most of their lives in exploring the unknown side of ‘things.’ In the interview with Adrian Shephard, Adrian at some point expresses a feeling of nostalgia for the Victorian age when even electricity was regarded as something occult. Barbara Lazara appeared as a guest in the Oranien studio a few times….

Radio On Lost, a radioplay by Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek

From the depths of the Radio On Archive comes a radio show by Shephard and Van Alebeek that probably never reached any listener at all. What starts as an outburst of total confusion evolves into a radioplay, in which Shephard and Van Alebeek become radionauts lost in space. Their only salvation is to follow the radiowaves. They go down in a cosmic storm of voices, end up in distant civilisations, transform into radio particles, pick up conversations, but they never seem to find ground. Comes with a haunting sound track….

Radio Testcard #1 – The Illusion of Meat

A new program here on Radio On. Adrian Shephard was staring out of the window in his attic up to the moon and the stars (yes a lot of us Radio On-ers live in attics and stare out of the window up to the moon and the stars; but they don’t see a shooting star with a real flaming tail every night) when he saw a shooting star with a real flaming tail reach the stratosphere and explode into tiny shiny bits. At that point he heard a signal from…