Mitt Paté #19 by Agnès Pe – I Hear a Symphony

Running around, wide-eyed, open circle-boingboing, we hang from a rubber belt. The world is a bad whisper. The Queen anthem, finally, here's the version that should be played in every stadium. The motorgang argues over a quarter-pounder hamburger. Stomach moves, dub-step burbs, that's how we pray nowadays. The merry-go-round dropped acid. My first Vespa. Rome … Continue reading Mitt Paté #19 by Agnès Pe – I Hear a Symphony

Agn̬s Pe РMitt Pat̩#13, After the Elections

Our Radio is not a slot machine. Donate and you will  always win. Agnès Pe's 13th episode of Mitt Paté might as well be regarded as a 21st century sonic adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. There is one vital exception. Agnès Pe doesn't follow the will of her writer, but kicks him in the balls … Continue reading Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté#13, After the Elections