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Radio On talks with Wassily Bosch

Wassily Bosch came to Berlin on a short visit from Moscow. We spoke about every cliché possible. Siberian top models, eating ice cream on the Red Square, Lenin’s nose, getting drunk, wodka addicts, Pushkin and Gogol, War And Peace and Gregory Peck, Chernobyl, Stalin and the Moscow Metro, Siberian top models of course, Siberian topmodels on the Transsiberian express, Siberian topmodels in Berlin and where to find them and how to date them, Charlottengrad, motorcycles, Siberian topmodels on motorcycles, Russia Today, Siberia tomorrow, Dr. Zhivago, Dr. Zhivago in Siberia and…

Today 7th of July, 19.00 Live interview with Wassily Bosch

Wassily Bosch, on a short visit from Moscow, will be this evening’s guest at the Radio On studio. Wassily Bosch works on nazlo records, releasing small editions of sound carriers, all with hand-made packaging.   video of nazlo works. Wassily Bosch is also part of the electro-haram collective that offers sound works based on found recordings. Live connection (click for listening!) starts at 19.00 Berlin Time  

Adrian Shephard meets John Cooper Clarke in Berlin

haiku talk, haiku readings, poetry and magic, poetry talk, “a gift that sharpened into a skill,” indolence talk, professional poet, Charles Baudelaire, Pam Ayres talk, BBC televsion talk, “We’d never run out of conversation, Pam and I” adverts talk, massive flat fee and being treated like a king, how to become a star in a commercial, sugar puffs, “pure energy in a box” deflowerment talk, machine gun poetry and the erogenous effect, punk days talk, Howard Devoto talk and how JCC became a poet among punks, the glorious two punk…

Today, 7. March – Live Show

This evening at 19.00 Berlin time we will go live on air. For the first half hour we ( Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek) will be joined by Michal Libera. Michal might talk about his Neapolitan experiences with ghosts, skulls, neighbours, bars and songs, but he might also talk about future works on sounds, memories and history.  The rest of the show we will open some envelopes and play sounds that arrived in our postbox. You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label?…

Interview with Theo Ploeg

On an visit to Berlin with his students, Theo Ploeg came to the Radio On studio to talk about Bauhaus, Berlin, design, vaporwave, accelarationism, possible futures, living in an anti-city and whatever the evening had in store for us.   Hosted by Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label? Learn how to submit. * Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days * The most modest fundraising campaign you can imagine  

June Crawford interview and live sets

June Crawford makes radio shows for Radio On. With regular intervals he sends his audio reports from his home base Montreal. In the last days of the Summer of 2018 he was on a visit to Berlin. He worked on his opera ‘Gun’ in an artist residency. Adrian Shephard, joined by Rinus Van Alebeek, received June in the Radio On studio. June brought some little sound makers and uses Adrian’s old electric guitar for some short sonic interventions. A lot of time was spent on talking. It starts with a…

The Nikolas Schreck Show – Cease to Exist

Nikolas Schreck says: CEASE TO EXIST is a Special Edition of The Nikolas Schreck Show featuring an exclusive appearance by Charles Manson’s son Michael Brunner in his first in-depth interview, Charlie’s close friend Black Wolf, and a guest at the funeral, animal rights activist and former law enforcement professional Tony Sperl revealing all about the sordid saga of the death, funeral and desecration of Charles Manson not reported by the mainstream media. Image of CM courtesy atwa-atwar The show was recorded, edited and mastered by Adrian Shephard You want to…

15 August – 21.00BerlinTime – Live show with Christian Schiefner

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek host a live show with our guest Christian Schiefner. Christian will present his label Falt Records. He will play a couple of short live sets. Your Radio On hosts will try to discover how many stories are hidden in a single cassette. Tune in at 9pm Berlintime.