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Sughereta Back Home, no MUOS by Antonio Mainenti

Antonio Mainenti brought us a documentary about the No Muos movement in Sicily. We broadcasted it a couple of months ago. And we broadcast it again. These days Antonio is in Sicily, as an artist in residence. He attended the last demonstration against the installation of the Mobile User Objective System. The objectives of the opposers are manifold and not exclusively anti-american. The System is built in a natural reserve. Its construction is considered illegal by the judge of Caltagirone, who has ordained its sequestration. The citizens of the nearby…

PUNK IS DADA – rebroadcast – editorial by Rinus

They say “hha” in a very cute way. As opposed to the interrogative “huh” where the pitch changes to an higher end in order to create a little void to be filled in by an explanation, this “hha” starts in the torso, like a sigh, but has nothing of its weariness, on the contrary it expresses an inviting recognition to an observation; it encourages and rewards the agent for her/his sharp insight by this sign of approval. “Hha.” The sound of “hha” has also a very retro quality about it,…

Radio On on FM in Berlin and Potsdam

Radio On has been invited by the Berlin based collective Salon Bruit to contribute on a regular basis to the programs of colaboradio. The first transmission, an interview with Jean Louis Costes, will be in the early morning of Wednesday 29. January 02:00-03:00. Colaboradio can also be listened to via stream.