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Reading of H.P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth

Curious Fox Book Shop in Berlin hosted a reading of The Fungi from Yuggoth, H.P. Lovecraft’s poem cycle of cosmic horror. Poet Adam Flint narrated the 36 sonnets with live sound by composer Francis Heery. Adrian Shephard was there to record it all.   You want to submit your works or tapes/CDs/Vinyls released by you or your label? Learn how to submit. * Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days If you want help this radio, you can donate a small amount  

The Bookshop

‘Another Country’ In the documentary you hear voices. Normally it comes with images. The real image can only be seen and felt in the bookshop itself. As an alternative you might take a book, open it, listen and start dreaming.   The blurb and credits say A secondhand English bookshop in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district comes to life to tell it’s own story – the debates, the loves, the fights, the sex-changes. An alternative documentary about this shop’s vibrant community. Directed by Anna Byrne and David Gordon Sound Editing by Ali…

Sister Chain and Brother John, live at the Roter Salon, Berlin

Adrian visited a red saloon, and this is what happened: “It’s a Monday evening in Berlin and post-Victorian duo Sister Chain and Brother John launch their new vinyl single ‘Staying in Soho’ (yes a 7 inch single!) at the Roter Salon, a subsection of the legendary Volksbühne. The place is adorned in sumptuous red and Brother John looks resplendent in a red smoking jacket, while Sister Chain hails straight from Spring heeled Jacks’ London smog. Together they are a time travelling classic and unforgettable duo. The evening is supported by a documentary…

Isn’t Everything Poetry – January ’17 Poetry Readings at Curious Fox Book Store in Berlin

I like these evenings. And I was never there. But it is one of those happenings in town of which I think that they should exist; they should exist for ever. It is the same with people who write long letters on paper and send them to friends who might live around the corner or on another continent. In times of Proust letters were written in the morning, send out and in eager anticipation of the returning post a new letter was written to be send out in the evening….

Curious Fox Poetry Evening parts 1 and 2 – Isn’t everything Poetry?

Once there is nothing left to hate time has come to smile at your bank account and donate donate donate Every now and again I see the concept ‘post-internet.’ I am sure it means something, and the combination of the words ‘post’ and ‘internet’ is surely daring. Still. There are things between heaven and earth that internet doesn’t think of, like a tradition of communicating that existed before the birth of the world wide web. I mean correspondence or diaries. In the old days poetry looked like it was meant to age…

Adrian Shephard – Books and Corks

When in a train heading north, I saw headlines pass at the bottom of the screen. One of them said that a gigantic toxic cloud was drifting over Berlin. I had apocalyptic visions of people dying in the streets, and thousands and thousands on the road, who tried to escape a certain death. Never could I expect, that on that very day Adrian was leisurely discussing the fire, while tucked away in a bookshop somewhere in Neukölln. In Adrian’s words Every time when I visit Curious Fox English books in Neukölln,…

Adrian Shephard – Curious Fox Books Poetry Night

Curious Fox is the name of an english bookstore in the Flughafenstrasse of Berlin Neukölln. You will find it in a street filled with thrift stores and pilgrims on their way to Mecca. There is also obscure sports bars, illegal brothels, and the usual critical mass of night shops and phone booths. It is on your way to upper Neukölln and the Tempelhof. In need of a second hand book? You will find it there. To celebrate their one year anniversary they organized a poetry evening. The store was packed….


Berlin’s uppest area Neukölln was sizzling and buzzing with activity on the first of November. Radio On’s flying reporter Adrian Shephard set up the mobile studio in the Curious Fox bookstore. We hear Ken Shakin read from his new book, Fucked. Jason Honea enacted The Shittly Listener, crooning and re-calling his wild stories from two continents. Adrian wanted to find out about haunted books and Ken went round the audience to ask them what turned them on. WHAT’S SHAKIN? Writer and rude boy Ken Shakin is not afraid to ask…