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Alt Right, a lecture by Florian Cramer

At the end of last year, when Trump got elected, Florian Cramer delivered a lecture on the Alt Right movement. It was organized by the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. You can find the video online. Radio On took the audio, edited the levels, and is broadcasting it on various hours all through the week. Here’s the text from their Blurb “In only two years, the “alt-right” rose from an Internet subculture to the force that lead Donald Trump’s campaign team and which now includes his presidential chief strategist. Its…

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Hazel Hill McCarthy Talk on Bight of the Twin at CTM Festival

On the 1st of February Adrian Shephard walked to Kunsthaus Bethanien in Berlin, Kreuzberg. He was going to attend a talk that was organised by the CTM festival. I cite from the CTM information. “Bight of the Twin,” a film created by Hazel Hill McCarthy III, documents McCarthy and P-Orridge’s trip to Benin to explore the origins of the ancient Vodoun (Voodoo) religion. The journey’s focus changed dramatically when, in the process of their research, P-Orridge was “serendipitously initiated” into an ancient ritual known as the “twin fetish.” This practice,…

What can European history teach us about Trump’s America – Lecture by Timothy Snyder

  In the lecture What can European history teach us about Trump’s America Snyder explains his vision on time and understanding history, but points at certain developments in present day society that should make us aware of possible changes, which might lead to authoritarian regimes replacing the parliamentary democracy. A detailed report from the lecture can be read here. The lecture can also be understood on another level. Timothy Snyder appears very well humoured, makes little jokes and some teasing remarks. You can hear the students laugh more than once….