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20 March, 20.00-21.30 Rádio Nuda live from Prague

This evening sees another premiere on Radio On. Brutism or bruitism, or simply a new arrangement of the sounds that surround us? Tune in to find an answer to non-existing questions. Your host will be Romano Krzych. In his words: Post-Cage radio show, and ruled by Romano Krzych / O Reche Modo , Rádio Nuda restores the extraordinary and almost sickly musical bloom of our time to what it is: a sound of the world. Rádio Nuda works against collections, catalogs, fetishism – against the devils of the commodity Playlist…

15 August – 21.00BerlinTime – Live show with Christian Schiefner

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek host a live show with our guest Christian Schiefner. Christian will present his label Falt Records. He will play a couple of short live sets. Your Radio On hosts will try to discover how many stories are hidden in a single cassette. Tune in at 9pm Berlintime.

Live Studio Session + interview – Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova and Bob Meanza

Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova returned to our studio again. The main purpose of the visit was to present the new album, Raw Volumes, they made in collaboration with Bob Meanza. Alexei, used to the medium of radio, also talks about the band he started in the 1980s, Notshnoy Prospekt. We hear stories about the people involved, that show a glimpse of underground life during Soviet times. The band finished, started again, or maybe not, but now there’s new works, sounding electro-doom-1980s, hard-boiled or like taking a stroll. Fun! Bob…