Junie Crawford – Garden 95 “Transmission 2”

This is the second installment by our new program maker Junie Crawford, currently based in Montreal. Transmission 2 is an attempt to break through the borders of song structures. It is a gentle and consistent composition, that integrates voices of radio and a fun report from a drive-in restaurant. At the same time intimate and … Continue reading Junie Crawford – Garden 95 “Transmission 2”

Garden 95 by Junie Crawford

Out of the blue we got a request by someone in MontrĂ©al, Junie Crawford his name. He described his work as homemade tape field recordings cut into loops and played back through various means (Marantz PMD222, kids toys, broken tape recorders from the 60s, sometimes just tape heads partially submerged in alcohol, etc etc), combined … Continue reading Garden 95 by Junie Crawford