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NK LIVE – coverage of live concerts from Berlin’s leading venue for extreme music.

Adrian Shephard and his portable studio return to NK in Berlin to cover an evening of concerts. Main act of the evening is Evil Moisture with Andy Bolus who the day before gave a workshop on how to built ghost detectors. Needless to say that Adrian Shephard has a ghost detector now, and that the first results will soon be heard here on Radio On. NK is an artist run independent non-profit organization, interested in taking part in the creation and support of a “culture”, with a focus on experimental…

NK LIVE – Twelve Hours of Satie’s Vexations

An all-nighter live and direct from NK in Berlin, when a series of musicians put their hands to Satie’s vexations. Read all the information at the NK side, who’s playing, what this piece is about, the history of it, and so on, then come back to our side to get your ears to it. NK.Satie 14.June to 15.June from 23:00 to 11:00 CET+1 Satie’s Vexations

NK LIVE . with Andrea Parkins, Noish, Ryan Jencks and Joke Lanz DJ-set

Friday 18. April Radio On presents NK LIVE. Three concerts will be broadcasted live and direct from NK in Berlin. DJ set by Joke Lanz. Presentation by Adrian Shephard. You will hear, not necessarily in this order, Ryan Jencks, Andrea Parkins and Noish. Extensive information on each artist can be found on NK wbst In short Ryan Jencks (b. 1973) is a Bay Area aktionist, alchemist and provocateur on Sndcld Andrea Parkins (USA) is a composer, sound/installation artist and improvising electroacoustic instrumentalist on Sndcld Noish (Winterthur 1977) is an experimental…