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The Untitled Show by Lepke B.

Lepke B mixes, samples, excavates, deconstroys, prepares and stuffs birds, bees, Beatles, Eagles, John Barry, Die Computer Die and Sir Paul Mccartney in this show. And not only. Not afraid of popular music and the CD as a format he extracts the epic ingredient as easily as the bombastic, the ironic and yes, the experimental element out of the 70 year history of music for young people. If there will be a need for ‘the periodic table of pop tunes’ some day, the scholars will ask Lepke B. for advice….

Lepke B – Anti-Matter, Anti-DJ, Sonic Missile

Lepke B. is hard to find. Lepke B is an idea derived from science-fiction. Lepke B is the missing dimension in the world of matter and anti-matter.   His brain is a neuronic network spread out over melodies and words that have been transmitted since the beginning of times.   Life continues in an ever recomposing cloud filled with the loose threads of number one hit songs.   Lepke B is the song harvester, the sound weaver, the cloud burster.   Think, dream, forget. You want to submit your works…

Lepke B – Elvis Christmas

Lepke B has been on our Radio a few times now. You can hear him talk about the 60s in England in coversation with Mrs Shephard. The Wirebender featured a live show by him. Lepke B. works with old and found CDs. A perfect ear, and a hideously omnilogic memory of pop tunes, he mixes, cuts, collages, loops with such remarkable ease that you get the impression the songs have finally reached their final destination. In this special show for Radio On Lepke B turns Elvis Christmas songs into the…