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The Tape Review Show – Guide to Bizarre Behaviour, Shits of the 2060s, Shaun Robert, Alexander Luchkin

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek host The Tape Review Show. The stories guide us into the world of culture and politics and way beyond. Art lovers might be interested in an indepth analysis of the works of Hieronymous Bosch. Berlin residents might be interested in a report on how to collect a postal package at the customs. Tapes and vinyl playeded and discussed: Various Artists – Guide To Bizarre Behavior Vol. 6 Anonymous – Shits of the 2060s Shaun Robert – Atavist Alexander Luchkin – Muzyka Elektrichek

The Tape Review Show: Alexander Luchkin, Mark Vernon, Earl Long

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek play and sing like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and only thirty seconds later they give a live rendering of Alvin Lucier’s I’m sitting in a room. There is talk about truth and non-truth and why everything that ever happened never ever happened at all.   Tapes and vinyl played, reviewed and discussed Alexander Luchkin – Muzyka Elektrichek Mark Vernon – Magneto Mori:Kilifinane Earl Long – Term Two    

Anders Östberg – Right On! Raven mad twisted wreck ‘n’ roll

Says Anders: “If you want to get down and get dirty then you’ll absolutely enjoy this slab of awesome tracks from really obscure albums and 45’s from the past. Pure brilliance.” track list Raven Mad Jam – Raven – 1975 Envases De Todo – David Lebon – 1973 Twisted Trip Woman – Sweet Slag – 1971 Beginning – Bubble Puppy – 1969 Someone Think – Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck – 1969 Fire – Flames – 1973 Lies – Top Drawer – 1969 Right On – Stonewall – 1974 Midnight In…

The Scratched Vinyl Show #12 – ‘I remember his tail and more tales …’

Adrian Shephard, one of the founding fathers of Radio On, lives not far from a flea market. With first sunny days to hit Berlin, the sellers come out again and set up their stalls. This is the sign that springtime has arrived, but it is also the moment that the scratched vinyl show awakes from its hibernation. Adrian returns from the market with a bag full of old records. And as Mussorgsky used to say, every record tells a story. This is what the scratched vinyl show is all about….

Juan Angel Italiano – Sounds from Uruguay

Juan Angel Italiano lives in Maldonado, Uruguay. Seen from Berlin it is at the other side of the world. The world has many centers. One of those centers could be a simple spool. As Juan Angel puts it: Open reel spools, bought at a street garage sale. Sounds dirty, interspersed. Sermons and locutions of evangelist pastors, tango music, radial advertising. As Discépolo recited in Cambalache: “the Bible next to the heater. You are tuning channel 246, frequency modulated in stereo, Montevideo, Uruguay. There is also a handwritten date that says…

Anders Östberg – The Stars are Beautiful

Anders Östberg reaches out to the stars. He can see a lot of them in his hometown somewhere in Sweden. The music might be defined ambient. But there is also a time before ambient music. And that’s where some of the pieces come from. From somewhere in space, or at least from a place that could be defined as such. You will hear sounds for space travels, and for lounge parties in space ships. You will hear music that was avant-garde many eons ago, and you will hear sounds to…

The Tape Review Show – vinyl edition with Shangorilla Records

The show opens with an in-depth interview. How will Brexit affect one of our station masters? Is this the end of Radio On? Will Adrian S. be put on a train to Poland? We muse over capital punishments, the beheading of David Cameron, french boeuf in Great Britain, the end of the internet, round rooms, dreams. We play tracks from the albums that were generously sent to us by Shangorilla Records. We describe and discuss the albums. And so much more, of course. You want to submit your works or…

The Tape Review Show, vinyl edition – Bookwar records. 

For this edition of our tape review show we invited Giada dalla Bontà. She is a curator and independent researcher with growing knowledge of soviet underground art. She has visited Moscow and other parts of Russia on numerous occasions and thus could provide detailed footnotes to the evolving stories. We talk about russian air, underground art, painting with shoe creme, where to go, what to eat, who’s who and why, and play and describe the albums that were generously sent to us by bookwar records. You want to submit your…

Live Show – 13 January, 20.00 Berlin Time

On the evening of the 13th of January 2019 the first live show of the year will see a special edition of The Tape Review Show. Shephard and Van Alebeek will open a packet sent from Moscow. Very mot probably they will find a couple of albums released by Bookwar, on vinyl. Yes we have a record player. Special guest in the studio is Giada dalla Bontà. An independent researcher, fluently in Russian, she knows about post-war Russian art, and has visited Moscow on more than one occasion.