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Shephard and Van Alebeek with GUEST! Coco

Coco came from Hamburg when she made the move to Berlin a few years ago. Hamburg? Isn’t that the German town where a harbour’s nightlife met up with illusions for the common people and gave birth to Springer Verlag? Coco didn’t open a nightclub called Brutal Happy Tapes in Berlin. Maybe that’s a pity. But maybe she didn’t, because she grew up in Germany’s self-proclaimed Utopia: Freistaat Bayern! People from Bavaria run wurstclubs. Brutal Happy Wurst. As always, it is utterly unpredictable where the show will take us. This flyer…

8. November _ The Post Nuclear Notion and The Explosion of Fukushima

On 8.November hard core doom scenario writers predicted the explosion of Fukushima. The radio-active fall out, carried by northern winds would wipe out life on the northern hemisphere within two days. Shephard and Van Alebeek follow the scenario from their radio active studio in the heart of Kreuzberg, the place where everything happened seventy years earlier. Listen on your handheld radio or whatever device you have on 8. November 22:00-24:00 Berlin time or Saturday 9. November 06:00-08:00 Fukushima Time

Michal Libera – Scenes from a Bourgeois Life

Adrian Shephard, Rinus van Alebeek and Michal Libera read from Sun Tzu “Art of War” with inserts from Johann Cruijff, wikipedia materials on football and Filippo Marinetti with a starter from Brian Eno and a lot of music they’ll be bringing in their suitcases. That’s how it started, but then something weird happened in the studio… Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days If you want help this radio, you can donate a small amount  

The Tape Review Show #3 by Shephard and Van Alebeek

Shephard and Van Alebeek review releases on tape, kindly provided by the Staalplaat shop. The presenters give expert comments, to-the-point critics, useful descriptions and loads of playtime. Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days If you want help this radio, you can donate a small amount  

BEHAVE! Lounge Music for the Post-Nuclear Generation

Shephard & Van Alebeek set off for maybe the most experimental show radio can offer nowadays. You can join in on an attempt to create a collective laboratory for the post-nuclear notion. BEHAVE! Lounge Music for the Post Nuclear Generation is an improvised essay , a narration, a thought process. But it is also a program in which long pieces of music are played and considered to be the carriers of the post nuclear notion. BEHAVE! Lounge Music for the Post Nuclear Generation starts from the idea that the first…

Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek talk with Kim Laugs

Dutch/Belgian inventor and sonic artist Kim Laugs grew up in a cultural wasteland somewhere on the border of the South of the Netherlands and Belgium. He grew up in a time when occult forces in Belgium turned the country into a kind of pathological swamp. Massacres in commercial centers, corrupt and suicidal politicians, the death of a king, child porn and a pedophile kept the country in a state of shock. Escaped form the country of Tintin and Dutroux he studied sound in The Hague and worked on a huge…

Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek talk with Edwin Brienen

If he could choose he would rather be known as “The Shirley Temple of Dutch Television” as by the name a journalist has branded him: “The Dutch Fassbinder.” Filmmaker, actor, child star, radio producer Edwin Brienen came to our studio. In a two hours long conversational avalange the most varied topics were discussed, mentioned or swiped of the table. Dutch colleagues of Jimmil Fixit, UFO’s over Ameland, hidden messages, bitterballen, conspiracy board games, Madonna’s new teeth, his own movies, The Amsterdam massacre of 1995 or how to deal with normal…