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The Tape Review Show – Guide to Bizarre Behaviour, Shits of the 2060s, Shaun Robert, Alexander Luchkin

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek host The Tape Review Show. The stories guide us into the world of culture and politics and way beyond. Art lovers might be interested in an indepth analysis of the works of Hieronymous Bosch. Berlin residents might be interested in a report on how to collect a postal package at the customs. Tapes and vinyl playeded and discussed: Various Artists – Guide To Bizarre Behavior Vol. 6 Anonymous – Shits of the 2060s Shaun Robert – Atavist Alexander Luchkin – Muzyka Elektrichek

The Tape Review Show: Alexander Luchkin, Mark Vernon, Earl Long

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek play and sing like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and only thirty seconds later they give a live rendering of Alvin Lucier’s I’m sitting in a room. There is talk about truth and non-truth and why everything that ever happened never ever happened at all.   Tapes and vinyl played, reviewed and discussed Alexander Luchkin – Muzyka Elektrichek Mark Vernon – Magneto Mori:Kilifinane Earl Long – Term Two    

Dai Coelacanth – Linda Harris and the Paranoid Lungs

Local kids burnt down the school. Got the jitters. Sought a necromantic solution. Nancy promised them a hundred years of rain. Too late. She was busy unspooling the tapes. Doing a job on the memory bank. Fans of the program found their conversations deteriorating. The space between words was becoming damp and humid. The main character had never known anything different. She sat in her bucket and grew a single hair. Buy Dai Coelacanth’s new cassette here.

Anders Ostberg presents Improvisation, Festival of Humanity and Hypnogogic Sound

Anders presents magic tracks from 1980’s cassette albums you probably never heard before. The sounds from these tapes are meant to bring you auditive hallucinations or to replace the sound of the ocean to calm your nerves. Best is to find out for yourself because there is more to sound than is dreamt of in your philosophy. Improvisation – ? – 198? Festival of Humanity – Planetary Peace – 1983 Hypnogogic Sound Vibration Tape – Valley of the Sun Publishing – 1982  

Today 7th of July, 19.00 Live interview with Wassily Bosch

Wassily Bosch, on a short visit from Moscow, will be this evening’s guest at the Radio On studio. Wassily Bosch works on nazlo records, releasing small editions of sound carriers, all with hand-made packaging.   video of nazlo works. Wassily Bosch is also part of the electro-haram collective that offers sound works based on found recordings. Live connection (click for listening!) starts at 19.00 Berlin Time  

Dai Coelacanth – Return of the Cosmic Scorpion

Do Dai Coelacanth’s contributions to Radio On evolve into a sci-fi radioplay, a discardable walkman’s alternative to all paytv’s series? Be your own detective. Read his words. Maybe they sound familiar. Susan had joined a show band. I was asked to play trumpet. Not in the band. They wanted me to stand in a shop doorway. They liked my tone. They said it was undecipherable. We had been on the planet for twenty years and had failed to establish ourselves. We were there. We were alive. We were regressing. Susan’s…

Dai Coelacanth -Crime Boot Rumble

One of the surprises to wait for is the sound that leaks through. Dai records over commercial cassettes. The other surprise to wait for is the way he treats or maltreats his walkman. Noises recorded at random places and spoken fragments from a sci-fi book for children are the other ingredients. But, as always, you, the listener, are the cook. In Dai’s words I think your seeds are dead. Crocodiles in the lake all they want is a cup of coffee and some love. Keep away from the edge. It’s…