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Interview with Berlin Chansonoise Coco

Coco came from Hamburg when she made the move to Berlin a few years ago. Hamburg? Isn’t that the German town where a harbour’s nightlife met up with illusions for the common people and gave birth to Springer Verlag? Coco didn’t open a nightclub called Brutal Happy Tapes in Berlin. Maybe that’s a pity. But maybe she didn’t, because she grew up in Germany’s self-proclaimed Utopia: Freistaat Bayern! People from Bavaria run wurstclubs. Brutal Happy Wurst. As always, it is utterly unpredictable where the show will take us. This flyer…

The Tape Review Show #3 by Shephard and Van Alebeek

Shephard and Van Alebeek review releases on tape, kindly provided by the Staalplaat shop. The presenters give expert comments, to-the-point critics, useful descriptions and loads of playtime. Please check the Schedule for broadcast hours/days If you want help this radio, you can donate a small amount