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Au Pays Des Merveilles #24 – Time Destroy Everything

Unknown territory. Electronic language. Define the obsolete. Outside history. Topography of Sound. Explore. Intuition. Au Pays des Merveilles is an itinerant Radio Show and could be considered as Nurdin’s personal barometer, a sonic report of his encounters during his travels and tours. The shows, therefore, offer also an insight in the various off-institutional DIY-scenes and the current state of audio/radio experimentations. Recorded on July 30th, 2018 / August 06th / August 13th / August 20th and September 03th, at RoHS Studio 2018 (fr-54), in french territory. De-rushing / Composing on…

APDM #22 – I’d Love to Change the World by William Nurdin and Friends

“Number 522 of the itinerant radio open stages session” you can read in William’s words. By now he should know what he is doing. I heard fragments of it when I was reading a novel set during The Great War, in the trenches of northern France. The sounds I heard connected with the visions provoked by the words I read. Music brought to its borders, as William does, opens unexpected and unnoticed corners of the mind; it explores the boundaries of our freedom. It is a way of communicating, too….

A P D M – Archaeological, by William Nurdin

A new episode of APDM, the edit of the itinerant radio program especially made for Radio On. William Nurdin goes places, meets people, records conversations, kitchen rumours, meteorological agitprop, early 21st century remnants of lost civilisations, electronic pampering and modern day chansons. When it reaches the shores of Radio On, all those recordings are not as much lost in time like sound bits in the data rain, but they come together in a sixty minute long report of present day life. This episode could be as well a radio drama….

Au Pays des Merveilles #19 by William Nurdin

Au Pays des Merveilles is the Radio On edit of William Nurdin’s travelling radio show callled A Propos de Minos. William goes places, meets up with sound makers and embarks on a sonic trip with unknown destination. For Radio On he reworks the recordings and adds some location recordings to it. William continues to do so with great discipline. As happens with all works that are marked by a big sense of repetition (in this case the repetition of the social/cultural gesture) the result of an inner logic surfaces. And…

William Nurdin’s APDM, episode 17 – Sometimes it Happens

Au Pays des Merveilles is the name of William Nurdin‘s series of programmes for Radio On. The procedure is simple. William goes visiting friends; the y come together at some place and then they use instruments and non-instruments to create sound. From these afternoons Nurdin cuts a version for Radio On. APDM#17 is a cut of five encounters. Not a culinary or panoramic ride through France but a whole different approach to the emotions and energy and expressions of every day life that can be found at a given place…