Anders Östberg is from Sweden. He lives in a pretty small town a good car’s ride west of Stockholm. Wooden houses are painted in colors flaming red or nature green. And there’s houses that don’t add anything special to the village. Maybe there is nothing special at all about the small town he lives in. But ‘special’ is a prerogative held by those who are looking for something unique.

We got that.

I know Anders personally. I can say that he is gifted with a fine-tuned bullshit-detector. I also know he has a collection of records on vinyl that could turn his small town into the center of the world. Recently I read an article in The Paris Review, called Crazy Music. It was about one of those records that are hard to come by: Oar by Skip Spence. The article was by Dan Piepenbring. I am sure Anders would get intrigued if he found a record by Dan Piepenbring. I was also sure he already had the Skip Spence record.

In fact:
“Yes I have the album. Found the LP in a flea market some 30 years ago. Bad scratching marks that skips on B-side. The music is good but not THAT great that every hip blogster say. I have many records in my vinyl collection I prefer before this one that are more odd, bizarre and strange.”

More odd, bizarre and strange is what you will get in Anders’ show: “Children, Elves and a Tree Person, Music from my Collection.”

Here’s the Playlist:

(title – artist – album – (record label and number) – year of release – origin of country):

Intro – Whitewood – s/t – (Exotic EXS-1-91172) 1970 USA

Montage & Because My Mouth – Sounds Of Salvation – s/t (Reflection RL 310) 1974 UK

Betongbarn – Sogmusobil – s/t (Gump 001) 1971 Sweden

Tree Person – Ross Barrett & Jim Brown -See/Hear Magazine #1 (See/Hear ST 55852) 1968 Canada

Good Trip Lollipop – Bermuda Jam – s/t (Dynovoice DY31907) 1969 USA

The Day The Elves Could Fly – Brian Sands – Reheated Chocolate Tangos (Bizart biz 1) 1979 USA

Childsong – Friendsound – Joyride (RCA Victor ‎LSP-4114) 1969 USA

Esoteric Tone Poem – Desmond Leslie – Music Of The Future (Musique Concrete ‎MC 1001) 1960 UK

Essence Of It’s Own – Marks And Lebzelter – Rock And Other Four Letter Words (Columbia Masterworks MS7193) 1968 USA

Wrong – Zweistein – Trip-Flip Out-Meditation (Philips ‎6630 002) 1970 Germany

Coo Coo Bird – Wee Willie Shantz – 45 rpm single (Mark Twain 79569) 19?? USA

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