On the day of the release of the album ‘Commercial Zone 2014’
The Wirebender brings us an interview with the author, Keith Levene.


Word to the internet

“Forever associated with PiL
and remembered by the faithful as a founder member of THE CLASH,
Keith Levene is more than just a guitarist,
although his six-string work is yet to be scrutinized for tone, twang and talent.
His producer skills have won Keith such unlikely admirers
but there’s always been a nagging feel on unfulfillingness in Levene’s psyche,
with “Commercial Zone” the root of it.”

keith levene

“The follow-up to PiL’s “The Flowers Of Romance”
was recorded in 1982-1983 but struck a discord in the band’s ranks
and led to the guitarist’s exit.
Five songs from that album John Lydon’s ensemble re-cut
for “This Is What You Want… This Is What You Get” in 1984
while Levene put out the original tapes around the same time,
although this release didn’t satisfy him.”


“Hanging on to the vitality of original ideas,
the veteran opted to completely re-record the album, called “Commercial Zone 2014.”
It’s not a note-for-note copy of the classic material,
says the artist,
rather a new version of it enriched by the experience of the three decades
which passed since it was concocted and laid down with a limited means of the day.”

In the first part of the show (the first forty minutes)
you hear Simon Wade talk with Keith Levene.
The interlude is by Bim Sherman.

The first hour gets completed with the recording of a live performance by Simon Wade.

Word to Simon:

“Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud ‘s Bridging the World
finally closed this month in London at the Museum of London Docklands
after an extremely successful couple of months on display.


In celebration I uploaded a live set I performed at the launch of the show,
which I performed entirely on my Verbos Eurorack Modular system and small sampler
and combined it with some of the classic scanned mobile telephone conversations
I recorded back in the 1990s, capturing a picture of London at a certain time.”

The second hour is for Dr.Dub


Word to Simon

“Dr Dub is a Dutch artist and performer at On U sound.
This is one of his great On U Sound mash ups.
Dr Dub also works on his own self productions.
House Resident at On U sounds Shanty town.”


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