In volume 4 of the T&T show I play a lot of tapes and hardly say a word.

You will hear longer or shorter bits
from the Fyta and Uské Orchestra split tape
released by noise-below;
Wise words from The Teachings of Zen Master Dogen,
dREàgänn’s Undine (released by Lonktaar).

From the Montreal Tape Run (staaltape/crustacés tapes)
I play Martin Tetréault and Nicolas Dion.
Split – a tape released by galerie West, Den Haag,
has Gregory Whitehead and Jack Sutton on it; you hear them.

An issue of Glissando was dedicated to Tape,
and came with a free tape,
called Sounds of Deep Poland;
I play longer parts from side A (Ambient).

You hear words from the tape Make The Most Of Your Time,
issued in 1971 by the Chamber of Commerce of the U.S.A.

The Audiozine #2 Diktat in America (staaltape) gets some sounds in as well.
And so does the French duo Femme,
their tape released by Tanzprocesz.

Ben Roberts comes along with a longer extract
from his cassette Eclectiktronik EP-1,
released on his own label eclectiktronik.

And then


Italo-disco was on this tape that
I found in an ex-car radio/cassette-player.
With the pitch up it sounds great.
It got accompanied by a pitched down Bollywood tape
called Dill se… by Mani Ratnam.

Here and there you will hear songs from a private tape,
labelled The Christmas Collection,
and Debussy gets some airtime as well.

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