Tapes and Talks from the Mulinen Studio, presented by me (Rinus van Alebeek) is made in Il Porticello, a castle on the coast of Capo Vaticano in Calabria. From there it is a forty minutes walk to the post office where I have to collect the post.

This time I got a packet covered by black gaffer tape. A little note on the backside of the packet said “I’m really sorry it’s so late, it got stuck here in Berlin with me! Tycho Manbow asked me to send it to you but I forgot! Greetings Queen Zagadka.”

I played side B of that great tape. Very French, retro rocket future space travel sweetness. I also played larger parts of The Larry Mondello Band tapes I received and while listening to the tracks (for the first time) I couldn’t stop wondering how far ahead in almost voodoo-esque trance-inducing strangeness they were. What a great band!

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