On the first of April, and this is…hold on, I hate to write this right now, but that’s how it should be announced, so…recap..On the first of April and this is no April fool Joke Lanz and his son Céleste will come to the Oranien Studio.

The show will start at 21:00. We had Mr. Spock’s birthday, Adrian’s as well and regretfully we didn’t know about yours. We do know about Joke’s! He will turn fifty. He turns golden. He can climb on a chair and look over all the horizons and wave in all directions of time to his friends, fans and lovers.

Joke will come together with his son. Here the confusion starts. Will Joke interview the son? Will Céleste interview his father? Will both interview Adrian? Will his fans send in some questions?

Joke will be a DJ too this evening and brings some old punk wave electro evergreens and Barry Manilow too.

For broadcast hours please check our schedule.