The new program by Book of Johns is the result of a short mail exchange between a new listener and Radio On. The request to submit sounds was countered by our request to create a program for Radio On. The Johns are based in Milwaukee, the mid west region of the United States. Mid-west, to me, has a mythological ring to it. I asked them what it sounded like.

Word to John Borden

“We wrote some new material in an effort to present a sort of “sonic vignette” of what life is like here in the mid-west U.S. which includes found sounds such as preachers broadcasting over shortwave, AM radio sounds, people sleeping, walking, etc.”


“Book of Johns is the duo of drummer John Borden and guitarist John Dereszynski from the mid-west United States. Home of endless miles of flatland and cows and cornfields. Their loosely defined motivation is to create sonic vignettes of their surroundings while drawing upon found sounds, jazz, experimental, rock, etc.”

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