Antonio Mainenti brought us a documentary about the No Muos movement in Sicily. We broadcasted it a couple of months ago. And we broadcast it again. These days Antonio is in Sicily, as an artist in residence. He attended the last demonstration against the installation of the Mobile User Objective System.

The objectives of the opposers are manifold and not exclusively anti-american. The System is built in a natural reserve. Its construction is considered illegal by the judge of Caltagirone, who has ordained its sequestration. The citizens of the nearby town Niscemi fear the electromagnetic pollution is dangerous for their children.

One can think of the pro’s as the MUOS is part of a defence system, and IS do threaten to invade Sicily and restore the 9th century paradise when the island was under Muslim dominion: Islamic State In Sicily.

One can think of it as a sculpture with echoes of

Walter di Maria

walterdimariaBuckminster Fuller


or Jeff Koons
koons hond






But it is also a pain in the ass to people who live nearby.




Read a very complete information, with aerial picture here

The No Muos website

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