On 17. and 18. April Disruption Network Lab organised a series of talks centred around Drone Systems and their Strategies. Set up by Tatiana Bazzichelli, Daniela Silvestrin and Kim Voss, the event turned out to be highly informative, giving lots of insight on the various effects of Drone warfare.

We broadcasted Day1 and Day2 from Sunday 21. to Saturday 25. April on various hours of the day.

Saturday 25. April at 23:00 we will start a marathon broadcast to finish the coverage.
It will end on Monday 27. April at 05:00

Here’s the schedule

Brandon Bryant (former drone operator)- talk and Q&A

Saturday 23:00-24:00, Sunday 06:30-07:30, 14:00-15:00, 21:30-22:30

Panel with John Goetz (investigative journalist), Chantal Meloni (international law researcher) and Marek Tuszynski (activist and tactical tech) – talks and Q&A

Sunday 00:00-02:00, 07:30-09:30, 15:00-17:00, 22:30-00:30

Panel with Jack Serle (investigative journalist), Tonje Hessen Schei (filmmaker) and Dave Young (artist, researcher) – talks and Q&A

Sunday 02:00-04:00, 09:30-11:30, 17:00-19:00, Monday 00:30-02:30

D R O N E, The Documentary followed by Q&A with Tonje Hessen Schei and Brandon Bryant

Sunday 04:00-06:30, 11:30-14:00, 19:00-21:30, Monday 02:30-05:00

All time indications are BerlinTime – world time
All recordings were made by Adrian Shephard.

The programs will not disappear in dark space.
We will keep them in our archive.
They will pop up again like mushrooms after the rains.