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The video raises a couple of questions. ‘Who are these ladies’ is not the first one, because we know their names. A better question could be why they are so, not depressed, but near to disillusioned? Something happened. But what happened?

When I looked at it I thought of that barn. Maybe there were horses in it, once. The barn is pushed forward into history and has reached a point of almost no return. More years will be added. The barn will disappear.

I thought of Gone with the Wind, one hundred and fifty years later. Is that what we see?

I also thought of American history as one very long folk tale. My theory that it is a country of second-borns, liberated from the burden of family tradition does not enter here, but it does. Maybe the clue to understanding is in the character of the voices, and how at points they come together in timelessness.

I think of the early quasirealist Hollywood movies , and then melodrama enters and with melodrama the paupers come to the foreground. But does melodrama still exist? And if it exists do you have to hide it behind a painted mask? And make one think that as a kid these ladies had a huge poster of Kiss in their bedroom? Did I have to write thát down?

Adrian Shephard will talk with Valerie and Natalia. As Naked Roots Conducive they’ll play some songs live in the studio.

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