A new Autumn, a new political constellation in Germany, a new host on Radio On.


Taishi Nagasaka will present a cosmic onion show live and directly from his kitchen.

Listen how everything can go wrong, burn, explode.
You can be the first to witness a small urban disaster in Berlin. Will the building fall apart? Will neighbors come and smash the door?


Or will each and everyone observe Pavlovian reactions on themselves? Folkdancers on the street and smiles flying in and out of the window like butterflies?

First Guest is Johnny Haway from Geneva. He is known as a founder of Radio PicNic and the founder of the label Zonoff which since 2005 is involved in radio events, online video art, music festival, and in sharing free music on the web.

In 2012 he founded a radio residence program called Radio Picnic in Berlin, which is focusing on experimenting form of radio art. In parallel of these activities, he is an artist working across a variety of media such as sound, radio, drawing, internet, event and music.

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Listen and hear for yourself.
Cosmic Onion Lunch Time Radio on Tuesday 24.September 13.00-14.00 Berlin Time, 20.00-21.00 Tokyo Time.