The Wirebender is a series of programs that presents works from the archives of Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound, moments from the post punk era as well as contemporary events such as exhibitions, readings, interviews or book presentations.

The new program that premiers on Monday 22. June 21:00-23:00BerlinTime is divided into various parts.

Word to Simon Wade


This October, Lincoln Valentine Style Scott was murdered in his house in Manchester, Jamaica. He was 58 years old. The work on “Hard Food”, the first album released by his Dub Syndicate since “No Bed of Roses” in 2004, had just been completed. Dub Syndicate’s first studio album for eleven years, an event that was to be a joyous celebration with friends, has now become Style Scott’s legacy.

With Style Scott the reggae world, and indeed the entire world, has lost one of its best drummers. As “No Bed of Roses” and the album title “Hard Food” indicates, life wasn’t always easy for Style Scott. His unexpected, tragic death is devastating for his friends and family, to whom we express our deepest sympathy. At the same time, Style’s music – both sounds and lyrics – reveal that his life was rich in warmth and harmony.

We are all richer for having known him.

One Million Fuzztone Guitars

Three tracks from the Mighty Fuzztones-
Hailing pleasantly from my home city of Nottingham. I became a fan both of their recorded work but also they’re dramatic live shows. I have included the seminal Charalamagne from the label and album 26. Robert Courtney has gone on to record with different line ups.

Fast forward the Future I was to discover that Julian Cope features the bands earlier incarnation Skin Patrol in his latest Novel One three one Hooligan and he kindly pressed up a remix of the Skin Patrol track and asked his chum Andrew Weatherall to remix it further for the limited Dayglow Marradoona 12″. We hope to get Mr Courtney on the show one day.”

Says Robert Courtney

“The first studio recording of the classic ‘Rock Section’ by Skin Patrol shortly before they became One Million Fuzztone Guitars. As featured on the Dayglo Maradona ‘Rock Section remix. This was recorded in October 1980, and is not the version from the gig referred to in ‘131’ (the only one by this line up as they were banned from every venue) which did not take place until (secretly) in March 1981, after which Steve left and was replaced with a drum machine and ‘One Million Fuzztone Guitars’ were born. In those 5 months they attained a veneer of professionalism, until Rock Section’ hit the stage.”

For a high quality audio download go to the download page

The Julian Cope remix is here.

The Andrew Weatherall remix can be found here

Simon Wade again


The relationship between Cuba and the Caribbean can be seen and heard clearly here. Oyasumi Playing and recorded live in South London’s Elephant and Castle demonstrate how Jamaica’s finest
frequently crossed over to Cuba and vice versa leaving behind the south american melodies on many a reggae classic’s horn section.

DJ Smart Monkey Provides the mix that ends the show. He has been dj’ing professionally and often somewhat unprofessionally since 1991 promoting and performing punk dub and industrial influenced dance music. He was one of the founders of Freeradical sounds who released a series of albums on the label. He has also worked as a music journalist and promoter.”

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