One day during the blazing heat of a summer day in Berlin, LL went down to the basement to seek for refuge. He ended up making a radio show. Playing some old friends, was like having a beer with them.

Sipping from his bottle he looked around and contemplated all those tubes, for electricity, water and gas: big tubes and smaller ones, running across the ceiling or on seat level against the wall, a huge one.

They came out of the wall and disappeared into another one. The whole of Berlin was connected. And while some cat from Japan was singing a strange lounge song, LL’s thoughts sunk very deep into the underground, only to pop up at a bus station somewhere in Wilmersdorf on a summer’s day in 1975.

Electricity cables overhead, weird voices, metal on metal, the reflection of the setting sun in an office building. It all sounded like jazz torn by their tails.

It was time for a flight on a magic carpet.

Berlin, Du bist für immer.


Here’s the playlist.


1. Michael McDaeth – how to build an empire – CD – No.9 –

2. aggrar niederhof – abezeh – CD / DVD – F10_1 –

3. Nil By Nose – Grass Shirt No Pineapple – cd compilation – godspunk volume 15 godspunk 15 trailer






4. Ten Pen Chee with NP – Takanori – MC compilation – Red/Green –

5. Aioi Usui – 3rd MC Side B first song (I guess) – 3 MC in paper bag – Outa you ma –

6. OutFunked – Bitches Brew – Outfunked – buy info






7. Vart Solsystem – track 6 and 7 – CD – En Manvandring –

8. Oliver Leclerc – coldest hour – CD – morning songs –

9. Argo – Perdre le nord – CD – une petite certitude –






0. Me and my Kites – Solens Vaen – CD ep – Porcelain –

>>> LITTER Legend…….
11. Martin Boettcher – Der Faelscher von London (Titletrack) – Kriminalfilm-Musik –

12. TYA – whispering wind – CD – Echoes

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