picture by Kai Simon Stöger, photoshopped by Ana Trincão

Word to Annette van Zwoll!

“The second broadcast of Choreographic Radio gives a bit of insight in the How Do We Work It weekend that was organized in the beginning of July. On the first hot days of summer, a group of people working in the field of choreography came together in a steamy space of the Uferstudios to share and discuss their practices. To keep you up-to-date about what’s going on in the field of the independent artists in Berlin, we decided to dedicate our broadcast to this meeting.

During the sharing of ideas, the idea arose to hire one and other to make use of each others production, management and marketing skills. A short discussion on this topic is shared on the radio. You’ll also hear interviews with three international guests: Biljana Tanurovska of arts centre Lokomotiva in Macedonia, innovative cultural developer Jette Schneider from the Netherlands and independent artist Eduard Gabia from Romania.

In the quest for a´Fantastic Institute´ that meets with all our artistic and human needs, an association round was held to create input on what this Fantastic Institute could entail.

And once in a while, you´ll hear a deer. Enjoy!”


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