A Berlin apartment, it’s warm inside. The winterwhite winter is behind the windows; trees shivering their last leaves to the ground. Black delta of branches. Music playing softly. Cat and oven are both snoring.

New York in a black and white dress, music from the streets. A weird guy with horns stands aside from the afternoon rush hour.

Back in Berlin, to the town that lies under the surface. Shadows of young men and women dancing to hypnotic sounds in the jungle of jazz. Far away from the rumours.

The singing nose wakes up. The newspaper still untouched.

Time to get going, going to the kitchen first. Hello neighbour, a wordless wave to a bicycle in the snow. Packed busses.

Berlin transport. Claxon. Döner. Aldi. Should have bought coffee. Damn.




1. Steve Kusaba – Act Two – CD – Semantic Ennui (part of the 48hour rock opera *Centrifugal Satz Clock*) –

2. Boister – Cicada/Lush – LP/CD – Cast A net

3. 17 Pygmies – Isabel XII – CD – Isabel II. Abaddon Rising

4. Glodblug – Glob 5 – CD – Globule


5. Moondog – A Duett – Queen Elizabeth Whistle And Bamboo Pipe
6. Moondog – Conversation And Music At 51st Street And 6th Avenue (New York City)
7. Moondog – Hardshoe (7/4) Ray Malone
8. Moondog – Tugboat Toccata
5 – 8 from LPMore Moondog



9. James Kok und sein Tanzorchester – Jazznocrazy
10. James Kok und sein Tanzorchester – Orient Express
CD – Die grossen Tanzorchester


11. Ten Pen Chee with NP – Jyorou-Kumo-Makka – MC compilation – Red/Green

12. ALVARO and TOSHIYUKI HIRAOKA – Men don’t cry, they sing
13. ALVARO and TOSHIYUKI HIRAOKA – Perfection is boring
A and B side of Vinyl Single


14. White Mystery – Woodstock 2009 Part 2 – MC – That was Awesome

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