It will take at least another fifty years before audio sculptures like Agnès Pe’s Mitt Paté will be recognized as fully independent art forms, and probably receive world wide exposure.

Why fifty years? Well, it is because daughters generally love their mothers. Agnès and her generation are in their twenties now. In 2066 people might recognize how in the years 2010-2020 the last millennium kids operated far away from a world defined by opinionaters, commercialists and headlines.

Listen to Mitt Paté and you see colors, many colors, as you can see in a toy shop or in a Japanese pop video. A toy shop nostalgic? Maybe. A shopping mall antropologist? Perhaps.

But for sure, someone who reshapes her impressions with curiosity and joy as her tools.

And with a good ear, a really very good ear.


Listen to the show. It tells the story far better than I’m capable of.


Here’s the playlist

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan – Simi-Charmed Life
Madeline Merkey – Every Incident
Renard – Sting
Senadorm – Bufanda de mierda
The King’s Singers – Il est bel et bon (Passereau)


Stefano Balice – Prosodia al vapore
Placido Domingo – I fucking hate airports
Have you ever had a dream like this
Fabian Porée – Words don’t come easy


Secrets of the 45 – Moon Song
Combovercat – Oops! (My save file is corrupted)
Isteronproject – motivo di squilibrio per conigletti orecchiabili
G. S. Sultan – v.  ~2
Luca Miti – Plouton (Prologos Parados)


Crank Sturgeon – Sp;lort
AG Davis and Steven Briston – Thorazine


Smidi Maxx – Fuckin Midi
Free Piano Lessons for Kids – Lesson 3 – Piano Posture & Engine (Hoffman Academy)
BBC – cricket sound effect
Soviet electronic music from 1932. The “Variophone”


BBC – day of the week jingle Friday
BBC – day of the week jingle Saturday
BBC – day of the week jingle Sunday
Temporal Pain – Waves Hit
Adi Gelbart – Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto
Spiritual Scratchers – Scratching with Jesus


Mignight disco – drum solo
Curt Lazers – Lalalalalalala
Graham Lambkin – Horse Play

Voices: Emma

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