Agn̬s Pe РMitt Pat̩ number 10

Enter the big house and you know on forehand there is at least three rooms, where you’d like to peek inside. The first room is of a strange luminar quality. Colors seem to have faded; everything is in a glossy black and white, from the times that camera’s were still made by hand. A couple of men, one single woman seem to be frozen, show an eternal smile. There are reel to reel machines and a window that looks over the roofs of a big European city.

The second room is a bit more vivid; young men move in half darkness, longplayers, covers are shattered around on the floor and over tables. Their is indistinguishable noise, turntables spinning, the smell of archives and stale beer.

You don’t want to see the rest of the house and walk right into the big garden, and out of it, onto the street.

Let the sunshine in. Here is Agnès Pe.

Tod Dockstader – Luna Park // Counting Numbers – 1-10 (and zero) Slow and Simple – Counting for Kids – ELF kids Videos (youtube) // Charles Amirkhanian – Vers Les Anges // Jad and Nao – Industrial refuse freaks // Battle break – Battle break (official spoiler) // Shitmat – wrong music megamix // Dj Miridy – wrong core // Nicolas Collins – Devil’s music 1 // Denis Mc Carty – ha kili ho // Jaeger Bombastic – My name is chef // Etant Donnés – entre 4 etoiles /


/ SKRD!!! Crew – Mayja Sekta Squad // Mattin/ Cremaster – Barcelona part 4 // Blood splatter sound effect (youtube) // Terror negro records – conoce tu creador // Jock of the Frantarctic – Who cares! // Jimmie Haskell and his orchestra – Hydrazine // Icewolfteh3rd – 10 mash up challenge // Seth Graham – touch-dy // Gen Ken Montogomery – Violin No. 3 // Maoupa Mazzocchetti – Mona // Zombie – Czarna Skrzynka // Belchkitchen – Quinten dierick de gemene trommel // Kill Caustic – Skeleton war orchestra // PJBS – Bob // The real party cone(tm) – Piping hot meme // Negativland – white rabbit and a dog named gidget // Demoni – Kh’lulu

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