Originally – White teeth smile
Austria – Schwarzenegger, not Heidi
Artist – Heidegger, not Van Gogh
Markus – Square, not book
Kircher – Athanasius, not Athaturk
Live – Sometimes dead
Work – Sometimes done
Currently – Salmon or Trout
U.S. – People’s Republic
Number – Choose
Sound – Nose cut off
Fragment – Walk on glass
New York – They all say
Washington – Freemason smokes big cigars
Recordings – Deleted
Mobile phone – Wheelchair
Sketchy – Funny walks
Soundcollage – Shut up

“Originally from Austria, artist Markus Kircher lives and works currently in the U.S. He has sent us a great number of sound fragments. We hear New York and Washington by the recordings of his mobile phone. A sketchy soundcollage.”

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