A typical a-typical show by LL, focussed on poetry, a large part of the show is dedicated to the poems and lyrics by Ron Graves. In an interview Ron talks about the impact, the backgrounds and the use of his poems as lyrics to songs. He also gives an insight in the working process.

No show would be complete without at least one song by Alvaro. Those among you who have memories of the Sandinista album by the Clash, can trace the atmosphere of that album back to Alvaro’s works, and who knows where ethnomusicologists can take us once they study the Chilean connections.

Happy listenings!


>> LITTER Legends………………………
1. Brian Patton – The Prophet – LP – Grimms, Rocking Duck

more on Liverpool poets

2. Roeder-Degowski Trio – Latex
3. Poptones – Expansion
2 / 3 CD compilation – Beat The Reaper


>> The Ron Graves Interview (Reidgraves – poem/music cooperation)
4. REIDGRAVES – Let Down
5. REIDGRAVES – Childcare
6. The Contrast – Maze of Memories
7. The Contrast – Mr Antenna
6/7 CD – A Sinister Flick –
8. REIDGRAVES – Made My Baby Gag
4 / 5 / 7 CD – Lovely As Suspicion –
HOT STRAWBERRIES, collection of 50 poems by Ron Graves


9. Ray Mason – Heavenly Ladder – CD – The Shy Requester –

>> 40 years of ALVARO‘S Drinking my own sperm
10. Alvaro – Drinkin My Own Sperm
11. Alvaro – Three Trees
10 / 11 LP – Drinking my own Sperm – re_relase


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