Many things can come to mind while listening to a seemingly endless repeat of the same song, albeit in slightly altered versions. A giant speaker in space could be on a drift, without any chance that the sounds will ever be heard; radical demonstrators could block the streets, a sound system on their truck that plays this song for weeks, while the demonstrators themselves have left the place as from the first minute. One can disrupt speeches, shopping malls, swimming pools, desert rides, asylums, schools and universities.

The actions might be all too much honor for Lennon/McCartney who, after hearing their song for the fourth time, seem two children of a very mediocre England, with its teatime, gardening and rose decorated china.

But it can underline the power of repetition and of enforced boredom.

I am very much tempted to schedule this one hour compiled by Anders Östberg for an entire week.

Here’s what Anders says about it.

“A record collector friend of mine from England compiled a CDR some years ago with over fifty versions of the Beatles song I Am The Walrus recorded by more or less obscure artists over the years.

Here is the best versions for the radio show. 1 hour bizarre entertainment for the brave listener! Also included, a version by me (requested by Rinus) and a underwater recording (made in early 1960s) of walruses.
Intro – Whitewood  – 1970
I Am The Walrus – Lol Coxhill – 1971
I Am The Walrus – Affinity – 1968
I Am The Walrus – Beelzebubs – 1997
I Am The Walrus – Mike Fab-Gere and the Permissive Society – 1993
I Am The Walrus – Skeleton Crew – 2009
I Am The Walrus – Sadao Watanabe – 1969
I Am The Walrus – A Toys Orchestra- 2004
I Am The Walrus – Swingle Singers – 2011
I Am The Walrus – Canadian Brass – 1998
I Am The Walrus – Phatt Buzz – ?
I Am The Walrus – Beatlejazz – 2009
I Am The Walrus – McPhee – 1972
I Am The Warlrlrus – Anders Östberg – 2016
Walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) – Thomas C Poulter – 196?

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