Recorded on the Wiener Strasse in Berlin, Adrian Shephard presents a new program -Jade on Jade- in which we will hear his friend Jade open her mind and intellect on important topics that move all of us. The background noises from the Berlin street in Kreuzberg add an exorcist value to the listening experience.

Word to Adrian:

“Candid, caustic and charismatic, Jade Blue’s world, interviewed by me (Adrian Shephard) in Berlin as Autumn begins and the temperature rockets above Summer.

Jade is an English language teacher and teacher trainer in Brighton, Berlin and Beyond. She’s curious and clever. She’s a doodler and draw-er. She’s a people person, and she’s just a person.

Warning: Expect extreme stationary obsession, shoplifting advice and plans to wipe out the entire human race – this program is not child friendly and involves philosophical debate on love and hate.”

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Interiørrep hjemme hos Ragnhild Henriksen på Drengsrud