Radio On asked their friends in the Washington DC area to send in some sounds to commemorate the second coming of Jesus Christ on earth in the person of a flambeed president. You can find enough words on that topic. The internet and press pages seem to vomit his picture and words these days. We at Radio On are waiting for the blockbuster 100 days that shook the world and wonder if you can already place bets on the name of the country he will choose when he has to go in exile.


Chester Hawkins offers a slice of life from 14th street, the sounds of a walking commute in DC. He just took a slow walk home from the office & recorded the journey — it’s a stroll up 14th street from H Street (White House area) up to the hipster neighborhood of Logan Circle — Walked through several protests & counter-protests, then it gets quieter as I get up the street, & kept it recording into the apartment building, elevator, opening door, & being greeted by the happy dog.

Gary Rouzer was making pizzas at home from scratch and watching the proceedings on the boob tube. He made some audio recordings of the kitchen action and the TV coverage as an montage/collage. The Title is Bake America Cake Again.

Jeff Surak went out the next day and recorded the Women’s March.


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