Two of our program makers Don Campau in Santa Rosa, California and Lord Litter in Wilmersdorf, Berlin are long time friends. They got in touch when parcels with audio cassettes were crossing the ocean by the thousands. Some of those parcels had their tapes in it. Read about the movement from which originated the cassette culture in Don’s ongrowing Archive.

He writes about Lord Litter in this article

Lord Litter ( aka Jorg Dittmar) was (and is) simply one of the most valuable and essential members of the underground music scene operating in Europe. While much of the rest of the European underground community was dabbling with electronics, beats and industrial noise, Litter was opening his ears to all of it and championing all types of creativity and expression via his radio broadcasts.
His own music has sometimes taken a backseat to his fame as a radio broadcaster but is no less important when it comes to his legacy. His voice is sometimes whiskey hued and gruff, at other times a high tenor with a bit of a nasal quality. He has strong musical abilities on guitar and other instruments. He leans towards “authentic expression”, that is, simply done, from the heart type songs with a poignant message or insight, although he has also ventured into harder rock, electronic and experimental areas.

The Lord Litter special is a great opportunity to find out more about the man who produces amd hosts Lord Litter’s Radio On Show for us. It is also a tribute to the guitarsound as an expression of rebellion. When I listened, I could hear through the songs. I imagined where his influences could have come from: The Kinks, Pink Floyd when they made Relics, Lou Reed’s probably best album ‘The Bells’ and Frank Zappa’s entertaining 200 motels. Of course there’s lots more, but what would you expect from a man whose ears pick up so many signals from the universe of underground culture.

Here’s the playlist.

Lord Litter/ Time Machine, My Wheel Is Rolling/ At The Hippodrome Of Life/ —cassette Germany 1988
Lord Litter/ A Real Groovy Black Night/ Torn Between Temptations/—cassette Germany 1991
Lord Litter/ Where Have All The People Gone/ Tits, Zombies & Assholes/ —cassette Germany 1986

Lord Litter/ Open Road/ A Fistful Of Rhythm/—cassette Germany 1988
Lord Litter/ Strollin Through An Cold Area/ In The Afterglow/—cassette Germany 1994
Lord Litter/ In The Hall Of The Backjard Lord/ Another Dark Night/—cassette Germany 1988

Don Campau & Lord Litter/ I Came From Outer Space/ Mixed  Messages/ Lonely Whistle cassette  USA 1993
Lord Litter/ Starting Up/ Space Age/ audiofile cassette USA 1989
The Lord Litter Band/ I Wanna Be A Number Country Star/ One/—cassette Germany 1993
Lord Litter/ Something Different/ Something Different/—cassette Germany 1987

Lord Liter/ The Major Deal/ Whoosh/ —cassette Germany 1987
Lord Litter/ The Sun Shine In New York City Tonight/ Tales Of Death Destruction And Everyday Fascism/—cassette Germany 1989
Lord Litter/ No More Rock N Roll/ No More Rock N Roll/—cassette Germany 1987

Generally most of Lord Litter’s tapes were released on his own Out Of The Blue Label. 

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