Saturday 25 Feb/Sunday 26 Feb, Brainhall Art Production presents 12 &12 by Jeroen Visser – 24 Hour Field recordings from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Saturday 25. February 2017  at 6:00 a.m Radio On will start transmitting a 24 hour field recordings work by Jeroen Visser. It will finish the next day, Sunday 26. February at 6:00 a.m. Berlin time. (+2 for Addis Ababa)

Word to Andreas Glauser from Brainhall Art Productions

We present for Radio ON Berlin the Sound Installation 12 &12 by Jeroen Visser. His field recordings from Addis Ababa are edited to 24h realtime sound, giving an insight into the sound of one day. Jeroen Visser is a musician (p/bs), composer, and sound engineer with Dutch origin, living in Switzerland.

Word to Jeroen Visser

The first time I visited Addis Ababa in 2006, I noticed that this big city really sounded very different from any other metropole I had been to so far. Be it for the absence of trains or trams, or the presence of mosques and churches with loudspeakers, it gave me the inspiration to move to a next step using only “real” sound to display a movement in everyday life.

These moments could describe a specific place, an acoustically interesting moment, or an action. My experimentation until now has varied from a sound-walk through the Metal department on Mercato, over a recording in the middle of the Kazanchis Area on Saturday night overhearing the different Azmari bets, to a one hour recording at a minibus-station at prime time in front of a juice house.

Great care has been taken to leave the impression of the moment intact, so there is very little close-miking, and hardly any editing in the recordings. All recordings are made at a specific hour, and exactly that hour will be in the 24 hour radio transmission.

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