It’s often the case that visitors to berlin explore and discover more than the residents. The performance artist Mim King has been coming to Berlin years before the wall came down and has a particular relationship with the city. In this interview she positively ‘plops’ herself (her words) as she reports on the kino museum in Potsdamer Platz (free entry on Thursdays 16.00-20:00).

‘It’s full of astronauts, aliens and angels’ – Ever wondered where that armor ended up from ‘wings of desire’ ? Yes it’s here as well ! – all there to be marvelled at and Mim explodes with delight in describing the intricate details of her cinematic journey.

But the film frenzy doesn’t stop there, as she describes receiving an unexpected text from an old friend (Ewen Bremner) inviting her to the premiere of trainspotting 2 at the Berlinale film festival. For what happens next and other tasty morsels tune in …


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