Lord Litter starts his tour high in the mountains of Bavaria, in a rustic landscape where cows say Möh and people say nothing until they pick up their instruments and sing. It is not far to Alvaro’s homebase. Watch him sharpen his knife.

On we go to the outskirts of Germany, where Fraukes and Pepita’s wear different dresses, and even manage to act friendly to visitors. Find them Lala-ing in the streets and sing the alphabet. Juggle your own Deutschland with those characters…and aaaah, if only Guido would still have been alive, wouldn’t he have loved to groove away in his kitchen on the music of Z, while preparing a healthy milch-cocktail? I bet you. He even might have loved the music in the rest of this show, cruising over Deutschland’s Autobahn in his Guidomobil, the stereo blowing.


1. a daneem – oima bavaria
2. a daneem – sie gibt koa ruah
3. a daneem – oima d’new orleans
1-3 CD – Geschichten aus dem Hinterland

4. Alvaro – Rest in Peace
5. Alvaro – The Knife Grinder
4/5 CD – I AM A Coward
>> discover ALVARO! …

6. Institute Of Noise – Kunst zum Fruestueck / Auf und Zu – CD – Achtung Messarbeiten

7. Baugruppe Steinchen – Russisch Brot – split CD

8. Varasada – Igel Ikarus “The Machine” I – CD – Flamingo Future

9. Z – zensuality – CD – e:scape

10. Lunar Ensemble – Everything is Nothing – CD – Acts of Love – contact

> Lusterlit……………

11. Susan Hwang – Sateen – CD – Everything is Sateen
12. Charlie Nieland – Pickett’s Charge – CD – Hopeful Monsters


13. Shay Tal – Call of the Wild – CD – From the Ice to the Sand

14. One Foot In The Groove – Groove One – 3 CD compilation – Stone Demolitions, The Explosive Best of Stone Premonitions! Vol. 1


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