Lord Litter is one of our two DJ’s who make a kind of traditional form radio show: he talks about the artist, gives some information, and plays the song. But this is also Radio On. And overhere we like it when things make sense. Our radio is not about fast thougts-easy comments. That’s why we are very pleased to have LL with us. You might not hear it immediately, but he has a message to bring across. Here’s one example. Word to LL:

“A bit of hope: The worst case scenario in Holland did not hit the world –
hatemonger Wilders’ party received much less votes than expected.
This has to be a sign for all forthcomming elections in Europe. No to
hatemongers in France, Germany, Italy … ”

“We have to change the way of the world back to a human, a civilised one.
And one thing we have to do first: We have to leave the road to no remorse
capitalism. If profit comes first, humanity dies… Resistance..!”

And here’s another example –


1. Jen Gloeckner – Prayers – CD – Vine

Special presentation 1 – Le Thanh Ho
2. Le Thanh Ho – Erster Schnee
3. Le Thanh Ho – Weichelstrasse
4. Le Thanh Ho – Muede
2-4 from CD – Staub –

Special presentation 2 – Alavaro
5. Alvaro – Stone inisde my shoe
6. Alvaro – I’m a Sinner
7. Alvaro – Fog in my Soul
5-7 NEW 2016 12 inch yellow vinyl (VINYL LP) 33RPM MONO –

Special presentation 3 – Pete Um
8. Pete Um – Enough
9. Pete Um – Useless
LP – Babysitting the Apocalypse
10. Pete Um – Weird Fruit
LP – Contempt
11. Pete Um – A last Blast
12. Pete Um – Character is Destiny
LP – Giraffe

13. Charles Rice Goff III – We’re going over – CD-R – Genre Party –
14. Kevyn Dymond – Sunny Day – CD – Jar of Time – if you wanna get in touch write to me .. seems one of the rare undergound musicians with no connection to the internet..

15. Michael McDaeth – Sympathy – CD – Happy with nothing
16. Steve Kusaba – Lofty and pure – CD – Samantic Ennui
17. Paradox One – Wheat in the Fiels – 3 CD compilation – The Explosive Best of Stone Premonitions! Vol.2
18. Ray Mason – Can’t believe it happened – CD – The Shy Requester

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