Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté, Life Forms

I tried to listen to this edition of Mitt Paté while I was doing some work. In fact, I tried twice. It was impossible. This made me think. To understand what I thought, you need to know that one of my fascinations is the process, how from dead material, life forms came into existence, indeed, the origins of life. Molecules splashing around in primordial soup, not bothering about being alife or not, suddenly got together, some elements got a different meaning, and see: within the structures, all was different. And that was called ‘Life.’

Stones talk, I know. So do clouds, and photographs, and yes, even the sound particles that enter your ears. Okay, before I drift off into new life forms, I explain what happened. The individual parts in the sound collages by Agnès Pe work in the same way as the so called dead material. In her work they come together and life forms come into existence, maybe not immediately around you, but I am sure that in the world of Agnès things and occurences take a different meaning, because of these series of Mitt Paté’s.

You should try it out for yourself: be radical in your choices, blend them together without prejudice and see what happens. After all we all originate from the same cup of soup.


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Voice: Jon
Agnès Pe, 2017

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