Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova returned to our studio again. The main purpose of the visit was to present the new album, Raw Volumes, they made in collaboration with Bob Meanza. Alexei, used to the medium of radio, also talks about the band he started in the 1980s, Notshnoy Prospekt. We hear stories about the people involved, that show a glimpse of underground life during Soviet times. The band finished, started again, or maybe not, but now there’s new works, sounding electro-doom-1980s, hard-boiled or like taking a stroll. Fun!

Bob Meanza and his (installation) work- robot cicadas- is introduced in a short interview. Adrian and Bob, who is also Michele Pedrazzi from the south of Italy talk about the cicadas and how their sound fit into the landscape.

There is also talk about machines, a topic Adrian is very interested in. You’d understand why, if you had a chance to visit our studio. Ask Alexei about an instrument and he takes you on a trip into deep Russia, talking about football teams, mad professors and heavy drinking.

Anyways, there’s lots more on this show. Like the presentation of their album.

Raw Volumes documents the meeting between noise mavericks ASTMA and electronic sound artist Bob Meanza. Behind the name ASTMA lies the duo of Alexei Borisov, legendary multi-instrumentalist from Moscow underground scene since the 80s, and Olga Nosova, emerging drummer and vocalist in Berlin’s experimental scene.

On the other side there’s the nerdy approach of Michele Pedrazzi, here playing under the moniker Bob Meanza. His taste for detailed sound design and digital shininess reflects in melodic intentions and gentle technicism.

And thus the quest for the nastiest chaos and the cleanest geometry lead to the album Raw Volumes.

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