Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek went for a coffee in their favourite bar. A nice Summer’s day, all the seats outside were taken. They had to drink their coffee inside. Soon after the first sip, Adrian took out his recorder, plugged in the headphones and announced this radio show. As things go so often here on our radio, we didn’t have any plan at all.

The first subject of our talking, apart from a description of the bar and our coffee was a peculair action taking place right before our very eyes, when a young man arrived with a bakfiets, took out a carpet and rolled it out on the bicycle lane. An action was born.

While describing what we see, we also spot Angie waiting at the pedestrians crossing. A thing you’d better do at that very spot, because traffic is intense and sometimes reckless.

In comes Angie, and with her lots of giggles, tales of teeth and dentists and praise for Slovania. We unfold idead for books and Radio On tours and ask oursleves if a Urine Bar would be the next hip thing.

We compare our knowledge of languages, and say goodbye to the listener.

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