Don Campau is one of our friends. He sends in a show every month. To prepare the show, he goes to his garage and takes out a box full of tapes. He received thousands of tapes in the mail over the last forty years. Now he started shipping the tapes to Zeppelin City in the very south of Germany. One day a cassette culture museum will be erected there. Today we witness a grand revival of the cassette. Don’s shows puts the revival in a different light. The parents of the tape revivers did the same thing back in the days. This show offers a wide variety of styles and genres, and once more peeks into an era with all its pathos, joys and emotions.


David Keyes/ When MY Ship Comes In/ The Yellow Christ/ Utility Grade cassette Canada 1986
Daniel Prendiville/ Reclining Nude No. 39/ Rubber Sole/ Christian Yoga cassette Ireland 1989
Tristis/ Hollywell Bay / Autumn 1992/—-cassette UK 1992

John Bartles/ Muskie Heaven/ mammalian Drink Reflex/—cassette USA 1992?
Timo/ Icarus/ The Other Hand/—cassette UK 1996
R/ Michael Torrey/ Love In The Jungle/ Cuts From The Garage Studio/—cassette USA 1986

Retort Mandaldo/ Snake Pizza/ First Session/—cassette Japan 1998
Brain Transfer Project/ Persistence Of Memory/ Brain Transfer Project/—cassette USA 1998
Pol Silentblock & Friends/ untitled / Mix “N Houp/ —cassette Belgium 1989

Famlende Forsok/ Demiorcus/ Ars Transmutator/—Norway 1991?
David Barnes/ Echo Loop Composition #31/ Hinges/—cassette USA 1996
Robert Duskis/ After She Told Me/ Open Doors/ Alternate Route cassette USA 1986
The Drowningbreathing/ side 1/ The Moon/ audiophile cassette USA 1990


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