A show to take with you when you set out for a long night’s travel. Big roads going up and donw, long curves, the silhouettes of pine trees, and the flickering lights of a village far away. It is a coll night after a hot summer day. Alone in your car, comfortable, you are allowed to smoke a cigarette. A shot of coffee at the gas station, smell of petrol, mosquito’s playing around the neon lights above the entrance. Back in the car, still some long hours to go to the border.


1. New Zero God – Shadow Of Wealth – EP – Under The Influence Of Captain Pan Ikatac
2. Viscera – Seeing the Future – CD – a different kind of music – haltapes
3. Reidgraves – Paris 13 November 2015 – CD – Slacking on Pain

4. Steve Kusaba – The Bridge will come down – CD – Leviathan (part of Centrifugal Satz Clock)
5. Izumi Kuremoto – Three Movements for Harp and Strings / Part 3 – 3 CD (1 DVD – 2 CD) – Late Chrysanthemums
6. John Howard – Only one Shadow – CD – Storeys

7. Butch Young – Dime Store Jesus – CD – Mercury Man
8 Don Campau – Your Name is now a Verb – CD – Two Hour Rule

>> CHAWA LILITH special ………………….
9. Chawa Lilith – Genius Genie
10. Chawa Lilith – Stardaughter
11. Chawa Lilith – Cursed Twin Brothers
12. Chawa Lilith – The Welcoming of the Travellers
CD *Persian Prince* –

13. Anton Barbeau – Scary Monsters – 7″ color vinyl – Heaven is in your mind
14. Langugage of Light – Mushroom – 3 CD compilation – Kopfmusik
13/14 plus FESTIVAL INFO

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