Taishi Nagasaka is back with a new show. A mix of heartbreaking Japanese songs released as a single in the 1960s. Taishi performs as DJ ONONiiONIONIION on selected places in Berlin. Sometimes you can find him in a shop, sometimes you can find him in the park. He comes with a portable record player and a box full of singles. Dance, talk, listen or buy while you’re there.

Ox Cry – the OX
Yozora Ni Yume Wo – The Beige
Kemeko No Uta – Giants

Blue Eye – Jacky & his Blue Comets
I love you – the Carnabeats
Assure Noura E – Teruhiko/J Tops

Madomoazel blues – the Jaguars
JIN JIN BAN BAN – the Tigers
Love Love I Love You – Village Singers
Bra Bara – the Spiders

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